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Wednesday Update On Kindred Hearts Aug 21 2019

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s room and screams. She shoves Nisha away. Jhanvi says adi oh God. Someone bring doctor please. She says adi please open your eyes. She ties his hand with her dupatta. Jhanvi says you would be okay. Please open your eyes. Nisha is screaming and crying.

Adi opens his eyes at home. He smiles. Everyone is worried for him. He says why are you crying? I am okay. Doctor says you are lucky she came at the right time to save your life. She gave you right first aid. He says my wife is a superhero. She comes to save me from troubles everytime. Doctor says he needs a lot of rest.

Kaki says keep lying. Jhanvi sits next to him. He says if you weren’t there I would have.. She says I really love you. We can’t live here. We will leave once you get okay. He says my Jhanvi doesn’t give up. she will fight everything. She says your life is more important than everything. For a moment I thought I would lose you. He says you and my family are here. Nothing would happen. She says we can’t take Nisha lightly. She would do anything. Her mom said that too. He says I ignored everything. I thought nothing would happen. I will fix all this I promise. Nothing would happen to anyone.

Adi ask did you inform the police? She says yes.. Jhanvi says yes she is a criminal she belongs to jail. How can she kill someone she claims to love. She says doesn't think about all that. She has no room for humanity. She should be in jail. Don’t think abut her. Jhanvi says she will pay for her sins. He says give me water please. Jhanvi gives him water. He says it's for you. he makes her drink water.

Nisha sees the news of attack on Adi. She runs from there. Nisha says you are alive Adi. If you weren't alive I would have happily gone to jail but not now. That Jhanvi has to die.

Inspector tells Adi Nisha has thrown her sim away. He says we will catch her soon. Adi says please that’s very important. He says I will let you know as soon as possible. Jhanvi says I don’t have to worry. I want to go on a holiday. Where we can be together.

He says how romantic? She ask where should we go? Goa? He says we can go anywhere you want.

Adi had a nightmare he dreamt that Jhanvi was Kidnapped, he woke up suddenly and screamed Jhanvi, Adi come to Kaki and ask where is Jhanvi? kaki says she went for pooja. Adi says how could you let her go. Nisha is not arrested. Someone throws a letter in with Jhanvi’s dupatta. The letter says Jahnvi is with me. If you wanna save her come with my men. Adi goes with Nisha’s men.

Adi comes to Nisha. He says what do you want? She says I want you not to leave me. He says where is Jhanvi? What do you want? She says I want you. Adi throttles her and says where is she? Nisha says leave me if you want to see Jhanvi alive. She says I have two conditions. Tell police not to look for me and that you did this. The second condition is, give me your life. The time we have spent together you can’t be mine. I won’t let you be someone else. Best solution is lets die. He says are you crazy? She says no I'm being practical? See this. She shows him Jhanvi being tied up.
Nisha says I will kill her so much. Adi says leave her I will do anything, she says so you agree to my conditions? Go to police station and say all that. Adi says let me go home once. Everyone would be worried. She says if you want Jhanvi alive then you have to be at my mercy, there was a time when I used to beg to let me come home to my husband and my kids and now.. you can go but don't try to be smart with me, I will keep an eye on you, don't try to protect Jhanvi. Adi nods and leaves.
Adi comes to police station, he says to inspector that I want to take case back, Nisha didn't try to kill me, I attempted suicide.

Inspector says I am leaving you this time but it shouldn't happen again. Adi comes out of police station. Nisha calls Adi. She says to her man let him go home for only 15 minutes.
Adi comes home. Everyone asks about Jhanvi. He says she is fine she would be fine soon. She will be home.

Lawyer is therre with papers. Baba says what papers are these? Adi says do you trust me? Please sign these papers. Baba signs the papers. Kaki says what is happening? Everyone hugs Adi and wishes him good luck.
Adi meet chini and Binni, they are making each other eat. chini says I want to eat from mama’s hand. Adi says mama will come. Eat from my hands once then mama will make you eat. he makes them both eat.

Adi comes out. Samar comes as well. He smirks. samar says Adi why are you so lost? he says nothing. Sam says you are hiding something. Sam says no you have to tell me what is happening? What problem is it. We will solve it. Adi says Nisha has kidnapped Jhanvi. Sam says lets go to police. Adi says no she will harm Jhanvi. Sam says give her money. Adi says no she wants my life she wants to kill me. Sam says what are you saying. Adi says jhanvi’s life is more important than mine. I am ready for it. Don’t tell anyone please. You have to handle everything here once I leave. Sam says I don’t know what to say. Adi says I have to go. He hugs sam and leaves.

Sam gets a call from Nisha. She says where is adi? sam says he has left. He says do whatever you want with Adi but nothing should happen to Jhnavi. Nisha says I want to tell Jhanvi about Adi’s death. Where is she? He says old factory.

Adi is on his way, he recalls his moments with Jhanvi, he recalls their wedding. The song main phir bhi plays in background. Adi getsa call, its Nisha. She says come to east cliff. Don’t be smart I will kill Jhanvi, see you.

Nisha comes to Adi. Nisha says how do you feel? He says I can die 100 times for Jhanvi. You have to promise me that you will stay away from Jhanvi and my family. She says I will fulfill my promise. I will be there with you in your last moments. I really love you but you never value me, you never understood me. You gave my love to that Jhanvi. I won’t let that happen. You and Jhanvi’s story is over forever.

Kaki says I hope everything is fine. I hope my kids are okay.

Adi says think again Nisha. you want money right? I will give you everything. For our kids don’t kill me. Nisha says I don’t change my decisions. You wanted to save Jhanvi. So be it. Good bye. I love you, Adi recalls his moments with Jhanvi. He recalls their wedding. Nisha shoots adi in the heart. Adi falls down. She shoots him.

Nisha sits down with his body, Nisha says Adi I am sorry.
Nisha shout Jhanvi because of you my Adi died. I won’t leave you. She goes from there in anger.

Nisha comes to Jhanvi. She says you ate my Adi. Because of you I had to kill my Adi. I will kill you as well. But no. If I kill you, you will go to Adi, no I won't let you two be together. You have to pay for this for keeping me away from my Adi. Jhanvi’s face is covered. Nisha says you will never be happy like you never let me be happy.. I will ruin your life. I will break your feet. you won’t be able to walk ever again. You will beg to die every day. like I lived every day without my Adi. Nisha is about to shoot Jhanvi’s feet. Someone throws something at her. Nisha says who is this. Its Adi. Nisha is dazed. Adi says a cheater should always be cheated. Surprise right.

Adi was wearing a couch. Nisha’s men catch Adi. She runs from there. Adi says no one can save you. He fights the thugs and runs after Nisha. Adi says Jhanvi are you okay?

Adi comes home. Jhanvi is resting. Kaki says how is she now? Adi says she is resting. Kaki says why didn’t you tell us. Every day there is a threat. Adi says I won’t let anything happen to anyone. See I am fine.

Adi says I don’t know why I feel like someone is helping Nisha. Baba says she can do everything. Adi says no but someone is helping her. Someone who knows us too. Samaar says in heart I will make Jhanvi mine.

Kaki makes Jhanvi’s favorite food. Adi says I think we should go on a holiday. We can’t give up on our lives. We will go today. Kaki says thats a great idea. Samar says in heart he wants to celebrate honeymoon? Chini says mama will you bring me chocolates? Jhanvi says I will bring you a lot of toys. Samar texts Adi something. He says good luck with life gifted to as you as a beg. Adi says who could it be Adi replies I won’t leave you this time.

Samar replies I will do what I want to. Jhanvi looks at Adi. Kaki says do pooja before going so your journey goes well. Adi says can we go there later? Kaki says no before holiday for your safety. Adi says we have to do something more.

Adi and Jhanvi come to Nisha’s house. She says why are we here? he says I want her to be arrested before we go, otherwise we will tensed there as well. jhanvi says I think they are not home.
Adi looks behind he says window is open. He says lets look in. They come in.

On TV Nisha says this window was opened for you to come in. Welcome back home. You think I am a fool that I would leave a clue for you. Jhanvi I asked you to stay away from my adi. You ruined my life. Now I see what I do. I will ruin your life. Adi keep this gift for me what I am sending. Adi says you get ready for being arrested.

Adi hears someone crying. Jhanvu says lets go from here. He opens the door. Her parents are locked inside a closet and crying. Jahanvi says who did this? Thank you informed us about her plan. But we don’t know where she is. Her mom says she came here to take her stuff. She is out of her mind. She locked here and left. She says I am sorry because of my daughter you have to suffer from this. Jhanvi says this is not your fault.

Jhanvi says I think we should cancel our trip. Adi says nothing would happen. She needs to be in jail.

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